Excuse me if I’m feeling sentimental. I might die tonight.


My name is Candy Tran. Before I was hunting down serial killers and feeding men to alligators, I was a normal, church-going, tax-paying citizen. Before all of this. I’ve been given a chance to tell my story, so please, listen closely. This is going to take a while. Candy is a wild, humor-filled, neo-noir romp across america. For fans of Chuck Palahniuk and films like Seven Psychopaths and Pulp Fiction. From the author of The Variant and Tamer Animals.


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Praise for Candy:


4.9/5 on Amazon

“Just think of Quentin Tarantino directing a movie of On The Road with a splash of Natural Born Killers and The X-Files, and you might come close to the story of CANDY.” – One-Legged Reviews

“Going into this book, with my expectations at the highest they could possibly be, there was no way Justin could deliver. And yet he did. . . Candy is part road-trip story, part spy novel, all action, thrown into a blender on high speed.” – Shaun Hupp (Author of Maniacs With Knives and Pound)

“A twisted tale packed with plenty of morbid humor and a main character many horror girls will relate to. Woodward’s writing is top notch and the story draws you in from the opening sentence to the very last.” – Sisters of Slaughter

“This is one of my favorite books of all time.” – Amazon reviewer

“Headstrong and unapologetic, Candy was such a memorable character!

From the first page, I was immediately hooked in by her distinctive voice. Filled with dark humor, there was a wonderfully satirical tone in this narrative. Originally written as a serial, this short novel was tightly written with fast-paced action packed chapters that continually propelled the story forward. Walking the line between a thriller and horror, this novel was unflinchingly dark and violent.

I highly recommend this horror thriller novel to anyone who loves stories written from the perspective of a fiery, morally gray female protagonist. ” – Rachel (Books in the Freezer, TheShadesOfOrange)